Advanced aesthetic medical treatments provided by doctors who will work with you to restore and enhance the appearance of your skin.

The essence of treatment at Luxira Aesthetics is excellent patient care with follow up and support from a doctor with over 20 years of medical experience.

We work with our patients to assess their skin and face at the beginning of the journey and ensure that you are entirely comfortable with the plan that is designed in partnership with you from the start. The approach is ultimately complete transparency- ensuring that you feel in control of the process and that you are supported through it. You will never feel under pressure to go ahead with any treatment and alternatives will be discussed with you, especially if there could be a better option for you elsewhere as we are genuinely interested in great outcomes and patient satisfaction.

We offer full face and skin rejuvenation using dermal fillers (Allergan Juvederm and HarmonyCA, Teoxane), hyaluronic acid injections (Profhilo, Neofound) that smooth and hydrate skin and line relaxing treatment which is a prescription medication to prevent / improve scarring from wrinkles. Only the best products with the most safety data are used. All of this is delivered in our boutique clinic in Gosforth.

For your skin- there is advice on and options for management of acne, rosacea and pigmentation (sun spots / brown patches), fine lines and wrinkles. We only use the world class medical grade skin care ranges Obagi Medical and ZO. The ethos of Protect, Prevent, Repair is the key skin message and we advocate the use of antioxidants, sun protection and use of collagen repair creams all of which are backed up with medical evidence to be effective and are promoted to all patients however you choose to use it- whether from us or elsewhere!

Patients commonly have treatment for migraine headaches, cluster headaches, jaw and facial pain from temporomandibular joint dysfunction or sweating in the armpits or hands. Often patients present with facial asymmetry. A lot of what we do involves subtly correcting this, a common example is lip enhancement with lip injections using dermal filler.  Dermal fillers can also correct a facial profile that is not ‘balanced’ and give patients greater confidence by enhancing a small chin, softening jowls or straightening a nose without the need for a costly and risky operation. You can’t usually tell when someone has had a great aesthetic treatment!

In the UK there is no law that requires an ‘injector’ to be a doctor or a nurse and so it can be difficult to navigate the territory but at Luxira we choose to be regulated by SAVE FACE and this is the only government approved register of Medical Aesthetic Practitioners.

We take patient care seriously and our message is that you will always be treated in a medically ethical way with safety at the heart of everything that we do.