Lip Enhancement

For perfect lips we use dermal fillers to replace lost volume, improve contours and give a beautiful natural lip appearance.

Sometimes beautiful lips need both injections to the border to define them and also to the body of the lips to give a fuller look. It may be that you do not require both approaches and this is decided at your consultation.

Lines around the lips can be treated and lip projection can be altered. Dermal filler treatment for the lips is a great correction for your profile, if for example, there is a retruded upper or lower lip. Also smokers lines (small vertical lines around the lips) are diminished as are excessive perioral lines that appear on only on animation.

Symmetry needs to be considered for the reason that we are all unique. We will work with you to give a perfectly proportioned and natural look. We advise gradual treatment and review to ensure that you are getting the result that you want.

Don’t have concerns about discomfort! We use a local anaesthetic cream to ‘numb’ lips which only has to be applied just before lip enhancing treatment.