Initial Consultation / Skin Assessment

Everything starts with you. At your initial consultation we will asses your current skin condition and develop an individual treatment plan to achieve your goals and so all prices listed are a guide. ALL TREATMENT IS BESPOKE.

15-30 minute consultation £50- Redeemable against future treatment.  


Wrinkle Injections- Men Additional £50

1 area £150

2 areas £220

3 areas £250

Masseter £220

Hyperhidrosis £400

Migraine £400


Juvederm VYCROSS Volbella /Volift/ Voluma/Volux £300 per ml OR

1ml £300, 2ml £600, 3ml £800, 4ml £1000

Juvederm Ultra 2 £150

Juvederm Ultra 3 £250

Juvederm Ultra 4 £250

Juvederm Ultra Smile £250

HarmonyCA £300 per syringe

Lip Enhancement with VOLIFT £300

Lip Enhancement with Ultra 3 £250

Non Surgical Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) £350

Tear Trough £300

Hand Filler £500 (2ml)

PROFHILO per syringe £250

NEOFOUND skin rejuvenation per ml £130 (includes Peppermint Peel)

RHA1 for lip lines /smokers lines/scars per syringe £175











Hyalase (dissolve) Treatment from £150
Eyelash Conditioner RevitaLash ADVANCED 2ml 12 week supply. apply once a day and then 3-4 times a week after week 12

Eyelash Serum LUMIGAN 3ml




Skin care solutions are tailored to the needs of your skin

Peel Packages all include at least 3 peels and ‘Hydrate’ and Obagi SPF. Options include:

  • Radiant Skin (Event Package)
  • Youthful Skin
  • Acne Peel (3-5 peels)
  • Advanced Acne (3-5 peels)
  • Anti-Oxidant Peel
  • Pigmentation (3-5 peels)
  • Prices from £270
Obagi Treatment Systems

Nu-Derm-Normal to oily or normal to dry. Age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, rough sagging or red skin, Uneven or dull skin tone, discoloration. Contains HYDROQUINONE 4% prescription.

Nu-Derm System £455

Nu-Derm 3 Clear £117

Nu-Derm 5 Blender £106

Nu-Derm 6 Sunfader SPF15 £77

Nu-Derm 1 Foaming Gel £53

Nu-Derm 1 Gentle Cleanser £53

Nu-Derm 2 Toner £53

Nu-Derm 4 Exfoderm £91

Nu-Derm 4 Exfoderm Forte £91

Retinoid Accelerates healing, repairs and regulates damaged keratinocytes

Obagi Retinol 1.0 £63 refines appearance of skin texture and tone

Tretinoin 0.025% £91

Tretinoin 0.05% £98

Tretinoin 0.1 High Strength £112

Nu-Derm Fx System £455 normal to dry or normal to oily. Dull complexion, roughness, fine lines and wrinkles. Arbutin skin -brightening agent.

Obagi-C Rx System £370 normal to dry or normal to oily. reduce hyperpigmentation / age spots, softer smoother more radiant skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles- prescriotion 4% HYDROQUINONE

Obagi 360 System £160 Younger skin

Professional C- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, Anti-Oxidant defends against free radicals

Professional C 10% Serum £79 dry irritated sensitive skin

Professional C 15% Serum £96 Most skin types

Professional C 20% Serum £120 Normal to oily skin

Professional C Peptide Complex £112 Additional Kinetin and Zeatin-Reduces appearance wrinkles, firmness, tone, healthy glow

Professional C Suncare £73 SPF30 and 10% Vitamin C


Obagi Hydrate £46 Reduces water loss at skin surface, continuously releases hydrating ingredients, enhances skin smoothness

Obagi Luxe £60 Saturates skin with moisture, softens dry skin, promotes skin radiance, specifically engineered for overnight, extra-strength hydration

ELASTIderm Eye clinically proven to reduce appearance fine lines around and improve firmness of skin around eyes

ELASTIderm Complex eye serum / gel / cream £107

serum contains caffeine and improves puffiness


Obagi Clenziderm MD System £145.40 Mild to moderate acne

Sun Protection High UVB and UVA Protection

Obagi Sun Shield SPF50 Matte £65

Obagi Sun Shield SPF50 Tint warm £65 Additional IR protection

Obagi Sun Shield SPF50 Tint Cool £65 Additional IR  protection


Obagi Keraphine Body Lotion £65 smooths away rough bumpy skin


Rosacea Kit £201.88

Advice on consultation
Obagi Blue Peel ‘RADIANCE’

Single Radiant Skin Peel

£90 half vial

£110 full vial